Nick Burgdorf. The myth, the man, the legend.

Nick Burgdorf has been studying with me for just about 3 years and has gone from a complete newbie to that of a confident and proficient groove machine. Nick is currently 17 years old and just finished his junior year of school. This summer he plans to vacation with his family as well as work at JCP.

Nick will be performing “Eye of the Tiger” at our 10th Annual Recital on July 6th. Please come on out and support him.

Here’s a quick quote from the man himself.

“I think drumming is a great way to release stress and anxiety. It takes a lot of work to develop the coordination necessary to play at even a basic level. Drums are just cool, especially during drum solos. It’s also a good way to get your cat off the table.” (jokingly) 🙂

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