Corey Colmey Drum Instruction is your source for private drum lessons in Rome, New York.  Since 2001, Corey has been inspiring students of all levels, ages and musical backgrounds.

Students can focus on drumset, hand percussion, snare drumming and more.  Lessons with Corey are always fun and rewarding, but can prove to be challenging, as he has the "old school" mentality that success in any endeavor takes hard work.  His teaching studio is located in Rome, NY and is easy travel from Utica, New Hartford, Oneida, Verona, Vernon, Sherrill, Oriskany, Ava, Westmoreland, Oriskany, Camden, Lee, and Sylvan Beach.

Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced player, Corey can help.  Call, send a text message or email to get started.

Corey teaches drum lessons in rome ny

What are the benefits of private lessons?  

For those of you who might not have experience studying privately, here are just a few of the reasons to sign up for lessons at Corey Colmey Drum Instruction.

Corey is a caring, loving, honest and trained professional with years of experience teaching both children and adults.Yes, he has accolades from some of the country's top music institutions, but it's more about his passion for making a difference in his student's lives.
Corey's teaching style is extremely therapeutic for students with anxiety disorders, ADHD, ADD, ASD, and depression. Did you know Corey has Asperger's syndrome? After his son Samuel was formally diagnosed at age 5, he started to notice similar characteristics between them. Not willing to diagnose himself, he decided to meet with a specialist and went through the testing. Today, he sees autism and Asperger's as a tremendous blessing in his life, as it has helped frame how he sees the world and the people surrounding him. Life is still challenging in different areas because of how his brain works, but he's learned to make use of his skills and reach people on a level that most cannot. As for private lessons, he and his students continue to benefit from the "loose... yet firm" structure provided in his sessions.
You'll be amazed at how much tension we carry in our bodies that prohibits us from doing what we want to do. Our health is the key ingredient in being able to play the drums. Corey will guide you on how to take things slowly, stay relaxed, and replace unproductive habits over time.
When one plays the drums, there is a need to balance several tasks at once (technique, sound, relaxation, listening, groove, reading, creativity and more) which contributes to significant changes in the brain. Simply put, playing the drums makes you SMARTER, and, although scientifically undocumented, adds enjoyment and years to your life.

Playing the drums can be very expressive, and self fulfilling, and that can be a big attraction for many students. However, there are more times than not that one must sacrifice what they want as an individual, for what would benefit the group. In other words, sometimes we just need to keep time and play the song. A drummer's primary responsibility is to provide propulsion and make the music feel great for the other members in the band. In lessons, you'll learn how to be humble by getting out of your own head and focus on what matters most. Get it?
Students of ALL ages benefit greatly from drumming, as it gets them out of the fast paced, technological world and into a place where critical thinking, reasoning and creativity have to work together. This all contributes to more symmetrical hemispheres of the brain, and a larger corpus callosum, which is the band of nerve fibers that enables the two hemispheres of the brain to communicate with each other. Studies have also found that the areas of the brain responsible for motor control, auditory processing, and spatial coordination are larger after studying the drums.
Collapsed Sample Drumming at any level takes a lot of training and persistence. When you study with Corey, you are constantly building a strong foundation, while stretching yourself to learn new material. As you begin to excel, you really start to see the fruits of your labors, which in turn gives you a serious sense of accomplishment. You'll be giving yourself high fives all day.
Drumming is based on rhythm, and is extremely powerful. When we sync up to the rhythm in our own lives, such as our heartbeat, and the way we do things every day, we are able to understand our individual rhythms in the world. We are then able to discern and converse with others on a much higher level.

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He hooked my son years ago and he’s still going strong.

"Corey has the comprehensive skills plus patience required to effectively teach drums. He hooked my son years ago and he's still going strong."

Karen Bobowick Parent

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