“Mr. Corey”

I had a lesson with this little guy today and wanted to tell the world about him. His parents call him Sammy, and he is quite the character :). Sammy Paquette has been studying drumming for almost a full year, and I’m so proud of what he’s achieved. He is a hard working student and comes from a great family with two dedicated parents,

We’ve been working on rudiments and basic rock beats for a long while, but today decided to shake things up with some hand drumming. Sammy instantly took to the sounds of the djembe and conga and came up with his own rhythm within minutes. With him being awesome at that, I decided to join him and add another layer to what was already happening. At first it threw him off track, as it’s a lot to the ears to comprehend all that sound. However, we talked about the importance of repetition and focus, and to stay true to his primary rhythm. Within seconds, a switch flipped and he nailed it. (check out the video link HERE)

Anyway, Sammy calls me “Mr. Corey” and I’m always so happy to see him.

After our lesson today he told his parents: “Me and Mr. Corey started a band today!”

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