Planet Voodoo Doodoo

Here’s one of my younger students, Luke Favata. Luke is in kindergarten and is a real stand up guy. He’s been taking lessons for about six months and we’ve been hammering the basics in our time together such as technique, counting out loud, playing to a metronome and reading. Lately we’ve been working on the drumset with playing rock styles with a lot of repetition.

Luke thinks that because of my silliness, I must be from planet Voodoo Doodoo, which is where his older sister comes from. 🙂 I love seeing Luke each week as he always brings a smile to my face.

I asked Luke to tell me the reason he chose to start drumming. He replied:

“I wanted to do them because my dad is a drummer, and I thought it’d be fun….and my drum teacher is fun too. “

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