Nick D’Virgilio: Progressive Rock Drumming Tips (FULL DRUM LESSON)

Nick D’Virgilio: Progressive Rock Drumming Tips (FULL DRUM LESSON)

Having been voted #1 progressive drummer in 2017 by the readers of Modern Drummer magazine, and with years of experience as the drummer for progressive rock bands Spock’s Beard and Big Big Train, Nick D’Virgilio is THE drummer to teach you to improve your progressive rock drumming. Luckily for you, he’s here to do just that in this lesson.

Make sure you download the play-along track:

Lesson Index:
0:00 – SONG: “Snow Medley”
4:34 – Introduction
8:37 – Lesson begins
10:27 – SONG: “Haymaking” by Big Big Train
14:20 – How to make prog rock groove
17:54 – Chops in prog rock
23:37 – Counting and structure tips
30:32 – How to write parts that fit
43:14 – SONG: “Box of Spiders” by Spock’s Beard

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About Nick:
Nick D’Virgilio has developed an illustrious career in the world of progressive music. Although he’s widely known for his work with former band Spock’s Beard and current band Big Big Train, Nick has also been called upon to lay some tasty playing on music from huge artists like Genesis and Tears for Fears, and to tour with Cirque du Soleil for “Totem”. Not willing to set into a single role, Nick has also developed his skills in various instruments – including vocals – and is currently working at Sweetwater Sound where he teaches, does session work, and creates tutorials, demo, and review videos.