Happy Summer!

Dear students, parents and friends of Corey Colmey Drum Instruction:

(man it feels weird to say that…)

I hope the summer is treating you well, and you’re all happy, healthy and enjoying life.  After all, it’s the only game in town right?  Just a few quick announcements, and I promise I won’t bother you any more this summer.

  1. DRUM RECITAL.  The 8th annual Drum Recital is scheduled for Sunday 7/16 from 12:00pm – 2:00pm at the Beeches Conference Center in Rome.  All are welcome, so please share with your family and friends.
  2. TAKING SOME TIME.  I’ll be away from 7/17 until the end of August, so all private lessons and classes will be temporarily on hold during that time.  All lessons will resume in September as previously scheduled.  If you need to discuss a new day/time for the Fall, please contact me, and we can work something out.  Otherwise, I will assume the same schedule as before.
  3. THE LIVE & BREATHE.   The what?  Exactly.  Those of you that know me may know that I’ve been involved with a music project called The Live and Breathe.  We record music for film, tv, commercials, and ourselves too.  Our most recent endeavor was a recording project in collaboration with Project Fibonacci® where we were asked to compose and record a full length album of songs based on the mathematical concepts of the Fibonacci principle.  It was daunting at first, but we quickly fell in love with the idea and came together to create something we’re proud of.  Some parts are easy on the ears, while others are a bit more experimental.  Anyway, you can check us out on our home page at theliveandbreathe.com.  Also, feel free to peruse some of our work below.
  4. NEW WEBSITE UNDERWAY.   I am in the process of redesigning CoreyColmey.com.  It’s in desperate need of an upgrade, so I hope to wrap that up by the end of the summer.  Stay tuned.
  5. LOVE WHAT YOU DO.  I try to remind myself that we’re all in this together.  It’s so darn easy to forget that given the state of the world today.  We all have our views on politics, spirituality/religion, education, environment, etc.  I do (!)  try to listen to everyone’s opinion and try harder not to judge (…although it’s not so easy sometimes).  But amidst all of the differences, I think it’s important to show love, support and appreciation to the people who are really trying to ensure that the current and upcoming generation(s) have a better shot at making this world even better.  Oddly enough, I feel that I do that with my drum students.  It’s always been about relationship with me.  Teaching the drums come second that.  After all, how can you teach someone if you don’t understand them?  So with that, I say thank you to the following:
  • Project Fibonacci® and the 2017 STEAM Conference.  If you haven’t checked this out yet, it’s insane.  It’s a weeklong Science, Technology, Math, Arts camp for high school and college students.  Not only do they get to do some of the coolest projects in the world, but also get to listen to, watch and hang out with some seriously famous people.  Alan Alda, Alan Bean (astronaut), Michio Kaku, Josh Delaney, Daymond John, Chris Hadfield, Alex Fillipenko, Brian Greene, David Eagleman.  Don’t know who most of those people are?  Watch the Science channel for 10 minutes, and you’ll see that I mean.   Please check out the website here:  www.projectfibonacci.org
  • Artistree Studios & Gallery.  Maybe some of you know this already, but for those  that don’t, Susan Colmey (who I have the pleasure of being married to) runs Artistree.  The gallery/studio space is all non-profit, and is located in Rome down the street from my teaching studio.  Not only does the gallery “branch” out in the community by having community gallery shows, figure drawing classes, wine & design classes, art classes for kids, and has a new gallery show every 2 months. If you haven’t stopped in yet to see what she does there, please check them out at  artistreestudios.wixsite.com/artistree​​

6. CONNECT ON SOCIAL MEDIA.  I’d love it if we became friends.  I’d love it even more if you had a minute to leave a Google+ or Facebook review.

Take a second to connect on:

7.  COME OUT AND WATCH SOME LIVE MUSIC.  After you connect with me on one of the social media sites, I’ll alert you as to when I might be playing a gig.  With the busy teaching schedule, performances are few and far between these days, but I do know of a couple dates coming up this August at the Copper City Brewery that I’m especially looking forward to.  Should be a lot of fun.

​Ok.  That just about wraps it up.  I hope you all enjoy the rest of the summer.  Take care of yourselves, and thanks for learning how to read when you were little.  Until next time.